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nba london tickets 2023

NBA Global Games returns to London in 2023

NBA London has grown in popularity since first coming to the UK in 2008 and 2023 is set to be the most popular NBA London Games yet. The teams are yet to be announced and similarly little is known about the ticket on-sale dates.  However, you can expect the NBA Global Games in London 2023 to return to the O2 Arena.

NBA London is always held at the spectacular O2 Arena in London. The O2 Arena never fails to sell out of NBA London tickets so make sure you stay tuned to our news and updates to make sure you dont miss out on tickets. Feel free to sign up for our newsletter to make sure you are first to know and that you get the NBA London tickets that you want.

NBA London attracts its fair share of celebrity guests who want to get their slice of the action as the razzle-dazzle of the NBA makes its way across the Atlantic to take over London for the week. NBA London normally takes place towards the mid-way point of the season in January just as things are hotting up in anticipation of the play-offs in the spring. However, we would expect the 2023 games to now happen later in 2023 and early in the season.

NBA London Teams 2023

The teams for NBA London 2023 are still to be announced. Check back for more information soon.

NBA London Tickets coming soon

Tickets for NBA London will be available soon. Check back soon for more details on NBA London Tickets 2023.

NBA London Seat Map and Ticket Price Categories

NBA London is taking place at the O2 Arena, a great venue for such a sporting spectacle. The O2 Arena holds over 20,000 at capacity with a few extra seats courtside for the celebrities and fans willing to splash out. Here is the official seat map of blocks and what the arrangements will look like on the night. This will help you understand what your view of the court will be like from the blocks you are looking at.

NBA London seatmap

Tickets on primary markets start at £45 but most, if not all of those will be sold out. Courtside tickets will be over £1000. Secondary tickets for NBA London are starting at around the £156 mark and there is plenty of choice in terms of where you might want to sit in the arena. Expect prices to come down on secondary ticket markets as we get closer to the game, there will probably be a bargain to be had. NBA London tickets should be available right up until tip-off, they can be bought online with secondary ticket marketplaces and printed at home.

NBA London Travel & Hotel Information

Here at NBA London Tickets we also want to give you all the information you could possibly want regarding the whole event so you can find out how to get to the O2 Arena and plan your travel, we will show you the closest hotels to book in the vicinity of the venue, so please check out our other pages on the site.


  1. my boyfriends 21 in January and I’d love to get him tickets for his 21st birthday he’s always wanted to go !! Hope I can make this happen !! Keep me updated please

  2. Hi !!!!
    I d like to buy a ticket of Nba global games for 2016 for my boyfriend s bday!
    Isthere any way to know more or less when they will be released???
    Many thanks

  3. Really would like NBA tickets for London 2016 would like to give it to my hubby for a fathers day pressy us there anything you can send me that had official logo on to put in his father’s day card many thanks

  4. Thanks for all the comments and questions guys! I expect the team announcements to come sometime in July once the play-offs are over in the US, currently being contested between the Cavs and the Warriors. Once they are announced we will put information up on here asap. I would expect tickets to go on sale around October time and the game to be in January. Again as soon as this information is available we will have dedicated content on this site to give you all the insight you need. Please register for our newsletter to get the latest information as and when it is announced.

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